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Save the Date: Pain Pharmacology Conference -- Download

 Chronic Pain & Substance Use Disorders - April 7th, 2017

Download Pharmacology Lecture Part 

Download Pharmacology Lecture Part 1 Powerpoint

Download Pharmacology Lecture Part 

Download Pharmacology Lecture Part 2 

Download Behavioral Strategies in the Management of Chronic Pain

Download Behavioral Strategies in the Management of Chronic Pain 

Download Super Foods

Download Athlete Plates Easy Day Handout

Download Shopping List

Download Hydration Fact Sheet

Download Detroit Red Wings Power Protein Bar Recipe

Download Altered States: Marijuana, The Brain, & Legalization 

Download Altered States: Marijuana, The Brain, & Legalization Powerpoint

Download APN Training 

Abdominal Migraine PowerPoint
By Brad Torphy, M.D. -- Download

40th Anniversary Scientific Meeting Oct 28-29
Midwest Pain Society -- Download

Save the Date - Nov 9, 2016
Geriatric Pain Management -- Download

B Holistic Meditation Instruction Sheet
By -- Download

Acupuncture for Abdominal Pain
By Bridget Juister L.Ac. -- Download

Advanced Concepts in Abdominal Pain; That Gut Feeling
By Mary Biancalana, MS, CMTPT, LMT -- Download

GI Pharmacology
By Cara M. Brock, PharmaD. CGP -- Download

Pain Resource Nurse Training Program
A Two-Day Course for Registered Nurses and Healthcare Professionals -- Download

Analgesic Adverse Drug Reactions -- Download
By June Oliver MSN/APN

Advanced Pharmacology -- Download
By Peg Nelson BSN, RN-BC, MSN, NP, ACHPN
And Linda Vanni, MSN, RN-BC, ACNS-BC, NP

Sickle Cell Disease - Update Acute and Chronic Pain Management
By Allan Platt PA - C, MMS -- Download

Understanding Chronic Pelvic Pain : The Role of Physical Therapy in Pelvic Floor Health -- By Heather Moky P.T., D.P.T -- Download

Chiropractic Physician: Emphasis in neurology, sports medicine and muscle rehabilitation -- By LeeAnn Steinfeldt -- Download

Treatment f Refractory Headache Pain ... Migraine & Non-Pharmacological Therapies by Dr. Richard P. Kraig -- Download

Pediatric Pain Service by Kimberly Wittmayer, MS, APN, PCNS-BC, RN-BC -- Download

Pain Management in Patients with Substance Use Disorders
By June Oliver, MSN, CCNS, APN/CNS -- Download

Personalizing Pain Medication Management with Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGT) -- By Tracey Fremd, NP -- Download


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2) A new browser window will open and the document will load
3) In the top right corner, click "Download" or "Print"


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